Ken Riddick
Ken Riddick Today clients and customers increasingly have more voices and choices in the marketplace. It has become clear that businesses must embrace those choices. They must build revenue and audience through innovative, well-informed solutions. A great story delivered through emerging technologies.

And, most of all, businesses must keep up with swift change, the quickening cultural change that is driven by technology and is accelerating business and product life cycles and empowering consumers like never before.

I believe my experiences and education these past 30-plus years position me to help lead that transformation.

The market has gone mobile and social; successful businesses must become increasingly more relevant and engaging, offering customer satisfaction when, where and how the market expects it.

Data is our friend; it creates efficiencies and drives business intelligence. It eliminates guesswork and reduces risk. Through effective engagement tools such as social media and rich databases, businesses must exploit the strong brand value in their markets: credibility, distribution, reliability, value and trust.

Social media and semantic technologies enhance and accelerate our ability to meet these objectives and dramatically increase customer satisfaction. Our customers know more about what they want and need than we do; they have much to contribute to the dialogue. Moreover, they're having this dialogue with or without us. It's our choice to engage and embrace this dialogue. But we ignore it at our peril.

With these guiding principles throughout my career, I have helped launch innovative initiatives that have been driven by strategic thinking. I have used primary and secondary research to help prioritize the efforts and choose the most effective and promising revenue opportunities. And I have done it in the context of profitable business models.

From the early days of the World Wide Web to the complicated and varied digital marketing solutions confronting businesses today, I have worked with media companies to steer, adapt and change their business models into a following sea of digital change.

With a precise focus on digital business models, I’ve spent the last eighteen years of my career helping companies tell their stories, create digital products and business models and partnered with clients to help them understand the changing landscape so they can make superior marketing decisions.

I helped launch a nascent digital media business in the late 1990’s at The Fresno Bee, grew an already-thriving digital business threefold at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, led the conversion of the largest daily newspaper in the United States to a digital-only business model. Additionally I have worked at a corporate enterprise level to launch complicated technologies and led teams that analyzed the financial and technical viability of acquisition targets. Along the course I’ve led sales groups, technology groups, journalists and more, flourished in small markets and large, as well as in corporate environments.

In my current role as publisher and president for two media properties in California’s Great Central Valley, I continue to pilot our business -- and our client/partners -- into the digital world.

In terms of character, I am a person of insatiable curiosity and focused discipline and passion. I love the potential of the constant change the marketplace finds itself in and can't wait to see what's next and how it will change things again. And how we will help our clients navigate those often-confusing seas.

To that end, I believe I bring a leavened package of skills, experience and integrity that have buoyed my progress through the years.

So, this is my story - professional and personal - and I hope you'll find it relevant to today's rapidly changing business environment.

I am:

    A constant student
    Experienced media leader with a diverse professional background spanning 32 years, including 18 years of wide-ranging executive Internet and mobile marketing experience
    A disciplined strategic and business thinker
    An exemplary leader with development and mentoring skills, and proven change leadership
    A generous collaborator
    A creative innovator with proven execution skills

These concepts buttress the choices I have made in business but this is just the preface to my story. I hope it has piqued your curiosity to learn more.

This site hopes to provide that story for you. You can learn more specifically about my "experience" and "achievements" by clicking on the categories listed at the top of this page. You can read and download my "resume." And, most importantly, by clicking on the "sites" link you can find concrete examples of how my thinking has been converted into business and audience successes.

If you don't find the answers you are looking for, or have questions, please contact me by telephone (below) or by e-mail. Thank you for your interest. I hope we both like the next chapter.